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 Laser Hair Removal

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  • What is LightSheer™ Laser Hair Removal?

    It is the most advanced technology available for safe and effective hair removal. It works by setting a laser beam to a specific wavelength of light and targeting areas of skin where hair removal is desirable. The laser creates heat, which damages the hair follicle—preventing its ability to re-grow.

    What is LightSheer™ Laser used for?

    LightSheer™ Laser is used to reduce hair on any area of the body, including the face, neck, chest, back, bikini area, underarms, arms and legs.

    Who may have LightSheer™ Laser?

    Laser hair removal is available and effective for both men and women of any age and most skin types. As long as the hair to be removed is brown or black, the LightSheer™ laser is highly effective. Since this technology targets pigment for effective hair removal, blonde and gray hair is not removed with the LightSheer™ laser.

    Is LightSheer™ Laser safe on Asian and African-American skin?

    Since the LightSheer™ technology targets pigment, it is possible that skin color may be altered while hair is being removed. For this reason, we do not suggest it for darker skin tones.

    What are the possible side effects from LightSheer™ Laser treatment?

    Possible side effects include hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin in the treated area), hyperpigmentation (darker skin in the treated area), and redness. Scarring has been reported, but is rare. On especially rare occasions, this laser may not be effective.

    Is LightSheer™ Laser painful?

    You will likely feel a mild to moderate stinging sensation as you undergo treatment. To reduce discomfort, a small container of numbing cream may be purchased at our office and applied to the area being treated 1 hour prior to the procedure. This numbing cream is to be used only on small areas, such as your lip, chin, beard, bikini, underarms or neck due to the risk of toxicity on larger areas.

    Are there any pre-treatment procedures?

    There are a few things you must consider before you have your laser hair removal:
    • Skin must not be tanned.
    • Cold sores must not be present if you are having treatment on your face.
    • Patients who use Accutane for the treatment of acne must be off of their medication for 6 months to a year before undergoing laser hair removal.
    How long is each treatment?

    The length of each treatment varies depending upon what area of the body is being treated. The procedure may last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or more.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Usually, patients require five to eight treatments; each treatment is given every four to six weeks. Patients with darker skin types require more treatments.

    How will I look after each treatment?

    While the appearance of the skin after laser hair removal varies from patient to patient, many patients experience redness and some swelling; this can cause minor discomfort that is similar to the sensation of a mild sunburn. Discomfort may last from an hour to a few days. You may experience shedding of hair in the treated area. Mild crusting and blisters may occur, and if so, be sure to advise your technician during the next treatment. Most patients resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

    How do I take care of my skin after the LightSheer™ Laser treatment?

    You may use cold compresses to help reduce the swelling, redness and discomfort of the treated area. Shaving is permissible as soon as the day after your treatment. In the areas treated, you will notice a shedding of hair during the week or two following your treatment. Protecting your skin from the sun is imperative after your laser hair removal treatment. You should protect all exposed skin with a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day.

    Is the hair removal permanent?

    Complete hair removal is not always attainable. Most patients are satisfied with the significant hair reduction they achieve through LightSheer™ laser treatments. The effects of the treatment are permanent, although a little touch-up may be necessary from time to time.

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