What is Mohs Micrographic Surgery?

Have you heard of Mohs micrographic surgery? If your doctor has detected skin cancer, Mohs might be the treatment recommended. A state-of-the-art treatment, Mohs surgery allows for the precise removal of skin cancer, with the highest cure rate and minimal scarring. Because we know that the idea of any kind of surgery can be nerve-racking, [...]

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The Importance of Skin Cancer Screening

Did you know that skin cancer makes up over half of all new cancers in the United States? There are more cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year than all other types of cancer combined. How do you really know about skin cancer? It’s important to be well-informed so that you can protect yourself. Each [...]

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How Often Should I Get a Skin Cancer Screening?

Did you know that there are over 3 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the United States each year? With many of those cases located in the southern part of the country (there’s a link between latitude and skin cancer), it’s more important than ever for people in the greater Atlanta area to schedule [...]

What are the Best Treatments for My Skin Type?

The Visia Complexion Analysis System is a revolutionary way to quickly and accurately identify problem areas on the left, right and frontal facial regions. The all-new Visia System from Canfield is taking skincare consultations to whole new arenas. We’re able to use this unique complexion analysis tool to more effectively create a customized treatment plan [...]

4 Reasons to Schedule Your Fall Skin Cancer Check

Each year, there are more than 3 million cases of skin cancer in the United States alone. The rate of skin cancer has increased so quickly, that more than half of all new cancers found every year are skin cancers. While this may be a shocking and even scary statistic, there are many things you [...]

Is Sun Exposure the Only Cause of Skin Cancer?

When it comes to keeping yourself protected from skin cancer, you know that limiting unprotected sun exposure plays a crucial component.  After all, multiple studies have demonstrated a direct link between UV exposure and skin cancer. That’s why health experts tout the importance of wearing sunscreen whenever possible, regardless of whether it’s the [...]

What Are the Most Common Forms of Skin Cancer?

Did you know that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month?  At Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. & Aesthetic Center, we pride ourselves on educating clients on staying safe in the summer (and winter!) sun.  We also offer clients a range of treatments designed to prevent, diagnose, and treat skin cancer. Skin cancer is [...]

What Are The Risks of Using a Tanning Bed?

If you’re still chasing that summer glow, you may be tempted to enlist the services of a  tanning bed.  But before you step into that tanning booth, you’re not just getting a glow – you’re getting a heap load of health problems along with it. Consider tanning booths to be the fast-track path to skin [...]

Sunscreen With UVA & UVB Protection: Why Is It Important?

The summer is here again – and that means spending as much time outside as possible!  From BBQs and birthday parties to baseball games and beachside frolicking, you’re determined to get as much outdoor time as possible. But while you’re prepared for the summer season, ask yourself – is your sunscreen? Quick – take a [...]