How Much Does Ultherapy Cost?

Ultherapy is the ideal solution for men and women who would like to lift and tighten skin on the face, neck, and chest without the use of surgery. The procedure uses targeted ultrasound technology to enhance your body’s natural collagen process. Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that’s FDA-approved to address fine lines, wrinkles, and [...]

How Can I Tighten My Skin Without Surgery?

Sagging skin is a common part of getting older. As we age, collagen levels within the skin begin to break down. This process creates looser skin and - when combined with the pull of gravity - creates the kind of sagging skin that can make you look older than you actually are. In previous years, [...]

Do Ultherapy Treatments Hurt?

With age comes wisdom – and unfortunately, it also comes with plenty of skin laxity issues.  As men and women start getting older, collagen and elastin starts to break down.  These two elements are the building blocks of firm, supple skin – and when they break down, skin begins to droop and sag. While skin [...]

Where Else Can Ultherapy Be Used?

If you’re having problems with skin laxity, it’s likely you’ve heard about Ultherapy skin-tightening treatments at Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. and Aesthetic Center. This unique technology is approved by the FDA for the treatment of loose facial skin, especially around the eyebrows, jawline, and even the neck.  With as little as two to three Ultherapy [...]

Ultherapy vs. Laser: What’s Best for Facial Skin Tightening?

When you want to take the years off of your appearance, it’s simply not enough to target your wrinkles and fine lines.  For a more comprehensive approach to aging, it’s important to invest in skin-tightening treatments that treat and prevent sagging and drooping skin.  Skin tightening can eliminate many of the most common aging symptoms, [...]