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Excessive Sweating

Sweating or perspiration is a normal bodily function that helps to ensure that the skin is properly hydrated, and the body’s fluids remain in balance. But if you perspire so much that it’s become intolerable, you are probably suffering from a condition known as hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating.

What is Excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating is a disorder linked to the overstimulation of the sweat glands.

Although sweat glands can be found all over the body, excessive sweating is most common in places such as the palm of the hands, soles of the feet, and the underarms, as there is a high concentration of sweat glands in these areas.

What causes excessive sweating?

Why do some people sweat more than others? The reasons are unclear, but certain factors such as alcohol, smoking, menopause, and caffeine, can trigger an increase in sweat production.

How to treat excessive sweating

There are now an increasing range of options available for treating excessive sweating. Traditional treatments include over-the-counter and prescription-strength antiperspirants. In cases where these have failed to stem the overflow of sweat under the armpits, newer options such as miraDry, are now available.

miraDry is a minimally invasive FDA cleared treatment for excessive underarm sweat. The system uses electromagnetic energy to eliminate the sweat glands, so sweating in the armpits becomes a thing of the past.

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