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Miscellaneous Skin Care Products

VersaSpa Bronzing Mist

VersaSpa’s unique blend of green & brown marine algae to moisturize, oxygenate and detoxify skin for a beautiful healthy tan.

VersaSpa Bronzing Mist


5g, 10g 

Stratamed can be used immediately after general and cosmetic surgery, dermatological interventions (laser treatments etc.), trauma, burns, chronic wounds etc.

  • Full contact flexible wound
  • Faster wound healing and reduced inflammatory
  • Improves the visible outcome of the
  • Protects compromised skin from microbial and bacterial
  • Allows prevention of abnormal scarring to begin earlier than ever
Stratamed Gel



Stratacel is a flexible wound dressing for the repair of damaged or compromised skin following dermal abrasion, laser resurfacing and chemical peels

  • Film-forming wound dressing for sensitive skin.
  • Bacteriostatic and inert.
  • Does not adhere strongly to the wound bed or the newly formed granulating tissue.
  • Hydrates and creates a protective environment against chemical and microbial invasion.
Stratacel Gel

Nutrafol Women

  • Four patented clinically proven ingredients to combat the underlying causes of hair loss, thinning hair and declining hair Anti-aging, bio-active drug free solution to promoting fuller hair faster. Minimizes hair shedding & hair loss due to stress and DHT (Androgenic Alopecia).
  • Repairs and revitalizes damaged hair Pre-empts hair loss due to aging. Excellent as a preventative for those with early signs of hair health changes.
Nutrafol Women

Nutrafol Men

  • Patented and Clinically Tested DHT Blockers, Clinically Proven Anti-Stress Adaptogen to Reduce Cortisol Stress Hormone, Three Patented and Clinically Tested AntiOxidants and AntiInflammatories, Three Patented Vasodilators plus 14 Vitamin, Minerals and Amino Acids providing the critical building blocks of healthy hair. 
  • It begins by Rebalancing harmful levels of stress hormones and DHT in the body with patented nutraceutical ingredients. Then it works to Repair damaged follicles with a combination of patented and clinically proven anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Next, it Revitalizes dormant follicles with a boost of nutrients, providing the building blocks necessary to help jump-start the hair growth cycle to regrow fuller, stronger, healthier hair.
Nutrafol Men