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Give Your Aging Skin The Boost It Needs

NovaThreads™ Lift & Contour Naturally To

Refresh & Renew Facial Features

Over the years, the collagen that supports and contours the skin gradually declines, resulting in loose skin around the face and neck. If you’re experiencing the aging effects of collagen loss but are reluctant to undergo an expensive and invasive facelift procedure, NovaThreads can help. To achieve the best results, our aestheticians recommend using NovaThreads in combination with a rejuvenating facial treatment or filler to tighten skin and restore facial volume. 

PDO threads (polydioxanone threads) are used in a variety of surgical procedures to lift and restructure tissue while stimulating natural collagen growth. In the months post-treatment, the threads are reabsorbed by the body, leaving firm new collagen in their place. NovaThreads boost and enhance the face and neck’s appearance by gently lifting the skin around the eyebrows, eyes, jawline, and neck. 

NovaThreads are administered during outpatient procedures in the comfort of our office. There is no significant downtime associated with this treatment process. However, some minor redness, swelling, or bruising in the treatment area may occur.

Before & After NovaThreads

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