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What often starts out as a tendency to blush easily can sometimes turn out to be a chronic skin condition known as rosacea. Many people with rosacea appear as if they are blushing all the time, because the condition leaves them looking red in the face.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition in which the blood vessels in the face become enlarged or dilated, making the face look red or flushed. The frequent flushing associated with rosacea takes a toll on the tiny blood vessels in the skin, causing them to remain dilated, instead of contracting as normal.

This allows more blood to pass through the vessels, resulting in the red appearance of the skin. The blushing usually occurs on the face and neck, but sometimes spreads to the ears and chest. Blushing with rosacea is usually triggered by certain types of food, as well as environmental factors.

What causes rosacea?

The precise cause of rosacea has not yet been identified, but there are several theories regarding the most likely cause. Some researchers believe it is a vascular disorder, because of its close links to changes in the blood vessels. Other studies link the disease to the immune system, as well as a mite known as demodex that lives on the facial skin.

How to treat rosacea

Initial treatment may involve the use of oral and topical antibiotics to suppress the symptoms. Doctors may also recommend skin treatments such as laser and light therapy to clear and rejuvenate the skin.

Treatment for rosacea would not be complete without addressing the lifestyle factors that can contribute to it, specifically diet.  Individuals with rosacea are therefore advised to avoid foods that trigger the condition.

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